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Since 2009, Friday Consulting has helped emerging businesses achieve sustainable revenue growth.

How? By assessing challenges, clarifying goals, delivering objective advice and providing high quality, customized services that resulted in more confident business decisions.

Our services are scalable for businesses that need experienced operational and financial expertise without a fully staffed back office.

We bring together a tailored, seamless, and cost effective solution. You avoid having need to find and manage an array of service providers.


Our approach is tailored to your needs

Supporting entrepreneurs from concept stage through scaling and beyond is our passion. In early discovery meetings we help you assess needs and prepare a customized scope of work. Then we stay connected to keep you on track. Whatever your stage, we’ll make it work smoothly and help you stay focused on the future.

Our services are customizable


Fundraising Advisory

Preparing investor documents • Coaching on investor relations • Developing offerings and terms

From strategy to terms to presentations, we’ll coach you through the fundraising process and help you to approach (and close!) investors.

Business Strategy

Planning • Research • Reporting • Financial models • Scenario planning

We use a lightweight strategic planning approach to focus on the key drivers for your business and where you are today. During an ongoing engagement, we revisit this quarterly or annually.

Organizational Development

Refining mission and values • Work force planning • Leadership coaching • Decision-making structure • Internal communication practices • Performance Management

We believe that happy teams lead to a successful organization. We’ll help you plan your human resources strategy and implement programs and training to best support your team and keep them engaged.

Financial Modeling

Revenue and expense projections • Break-even analysis • KPI tracking dashboard

Understanding the key financial drivers of your business helps you make decisions, raise financing, and plan your strategy. Our financial modeling services are a cornerstone of helping you to build a successful business.


About US

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA.



Shivani Ganguly, Founder + Principal

“Every business is a network of systems. I’m energized by the reveal - helping employees step back to appreciate how what they do fits together and makes it all work.”

A graduate of Stanford University with a BA in Science, Technology and Society and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School, Shivani has more the 20 years of experience developing strategy and managing finance, human resources, accounting, and business operations at Bay Area startups. It’s in her DNA: Shivani’s parents owned a small business and as an entrepreneur herself, she has been a founder of four successful businesses.

Bootstrapping and working lean throughout her career impressed on Shivani that if smaller businesses are to successfully compete, they need access to the same quality support services that are available to larger companies. She founded Friday Consulting to provide this access and level the playing field.

With her clients, Shivani gets involved engaging with employees. Building the space to share perspectives, helps leaders think through what is involved in taking business to the next level. She brings together the skills of a storyteller, connector, conceptualizer, designer, and strategist. The result is that people are heard, feel included, and that all ideas are shared and considered. All to move confident decisions forward with greater impact.


Our Clients Achieve Success

How we work with clients is determined by the situation. Here are some examples of successful work that demonstrates our capabilities. 

Shivani is a key member of the team. She provides strategic and financial leadership, and pushes us to think long term and about the big picture when making key organizational decisions.
— Stacey Waldspurger, Founder and CEO of Tomato Sherpa

Stag Dining Group curates dining and entertainment experiences that incorporate inventive, artisanal food and art in a sophisticated, fun atmosphere. Stag works with major clients such as Levi’s and Airbnb to deliver unique events, create community through collaborations with food, wine, and spirit makers, and puts a unique spin on classic drinks with Derby Cocktail Co.


After initial success, Stag Dining was evolving from a mobile food to an experiences company. The change in focus exposed the need for new business practices, team development, and updated business analytics.


Friday Consulting supported Stag Dining's evolution by reshaping business operations and updating accounting practices. Working closely with the principals to facilitate team building and improve communication helped everyone quickly adapt to the new systems. Regular huddles to check progress kept the team on track and improved collaboration.


Healthier client relationships and 2 years of increasing profitability.


With a deep understanding of the company and goals, Shivani was able to provide objective analysis and feedback to drive results. Matthew Homyak, Stag Dining Co-founder and President, credits Friday Consulting with helping him build a better company, “Shivani inspired me to be a stronger leader. Together we redesigned job roles and responsibilities, upgraded our work scoping and contracting skills, and built the operational foundation for business growth. She brought out the best in the team and raised our level of performance. Together we have navigated a lot of change - Friday has been a solid pillar of support."


Friday Consulting delivered exactly what we need–a financial model that helps us to make decisions and provide information to investors.
— Giles Hayward, Co-Founder of Torii Labs
Friday Consulting is doing exactly what I hired them to do: providing the knowledge and skills I need and asking the right questions to keep me on track to make my vision a reality.
— Joe Sadusky, Owner of Dreme Lounge Other Clients

The Werehaus is a San Francisco-based creative studio producing original and commercial film, video, and photo content that brings client’s brands to life.


A group of friends informally built a successful studio. Growth compelled them to develop a consistent vision for the future. This involved evaluating communication and team roles and formalizing structures to manage the business.


Developed a decision-making process used to create a new partner operating agreement and increased the team’s feeling of mutual purpose that generated more meaningful communication.


Friday Consulting helped support the evolution to a more formal structure by providing leadership coaching, team building, and improved internal communications. Working closely with the team at The Werehaus, Shivani facilitated conversations and created space for the partners and employees to share perspectives that helped them navigate the sensitive issue of change from a common understanding of the business. She articulated the challenges and surfaced possible solutions for discussion. 


The Werehaus Co-Founder, Steven Simonetti, appreciated how Shivani helped build a rationale framework for discussing the future, “She brought new insights into operating issues we hadn’t actively been thinking about and exposed us to new ideas on solutions that wouldn’t have been on our radar. Shivani reframed the discussions with a wider point of view and her frank and unbiased method helped us get to a place of deeper learning and understanding"


Having Shivani be our startup’s interim CFO has been transformational and enlightening from both a business and personal perspective. She brings a critical yet creative eye to everything we discuss, and she’s become a trusted advisor. I can’t recommend her services highly enough, and look forward to continuing to work with her as she helps us grow our business sustainably and sensibly.
— Elizabeth Bacon, Founder and President of Find Wellness


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