Our approach is tailored to your needs

Supporting entrepreneurs from concept stage through scaling and beyond is our passion. In early discovery meetings we help you assess needs and prepare a customized scope of work. Then we stay connected to keep you on track. Whatever your stage, we’ll make it work smoothly and help you stay focused on the future.

Our services are customizable


Fundraising Advisory

Preparing investor documents • Coaching on investor relations • Developing offerings and terms

From strategy to terms to presentations, we’ll coach you through the fundraising process and help you to approach (and close!) investors.

Business Strategy

Planning • Research • Reporting • Financial models • Scenario planning

We use a lightweight strategic planning approach to focus on the key drivers for your business and where you are today. During an ongoing engagement, we revisit this quarterly or annually.

Organizational Development

Refining mission and values • Work force planning • Leadership coaching • Decision-making structure • Internal communication practices • Performance Management

We believe that happy teams lead to a successful organization. We’ll help you plan your human resources strategy and implement programs and training to best support your team and keep them engaged.

Financial Modeling

Revenue and expense projections • Break-even analysis • KPI tracking dashboard

Understanding the key financial drivers of your business helps you make decisions, raise financing, and plan your strategy. Our financial modeling services are a cornerstone of helping you to build a successful business.

Operational Systems Development

Finance • Human Capital • Accounting

Overwhelmed with apps and systems? We’ll help you to integrate and streamline your operational systems to provide you with the best possible data and usability.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Income and expense entries • Billing control • Accounts payable • Accounts receivable • Bank reconciliation • Profit and loss statement • Balance sheet statement • Cash flow statement • Financial reports • Tax reporting

It all starts with the numbers – knowing where your money comes from and where it’s going. Our accountants help you to keep your business moving forward.

Marketing Strategy

Planning • Positioning • Social Media Planning

Marketing is a key driver in bringing in sales and raising your revenue. We’ll help you to put together your overall marketing strategy, or just do a short-term campaign.