Our Team

Entrepreneurship is in our soul. Meet the team that will hustle along side you to help grow your dream. 



Shivani Ganguly, Founder + Principal

“Every business is a network of systems. I’m energized by the reveal - helping employees step back to appreciate how what they do fits together and makes it all work.”

A graduate of Stanford University with a BA in Science, Technology and Society and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School, Shivani has more the 15 years of experience developing strategy and managing human resources, accounting, and business operations at Bay Area startups. It’s in her DNA: Shivani’s parents owned a small business and as an entrepreneur herself, she has been a founder of four successful businesses.

Bootstrapping and working lean throughout her career impressed on Shivani that if smaller businesses are to successfully compete, they need access to the same quality support services that are available to larger companies. She founded Friday Consulting to provide this access and level the playing field.

With her clients, Shivani gets involved engaging with employees. Building the space to share perspectives, helps leaders think through what is involved in taking business to the next level. She brings together the skills of a storyteller, connector, conceptualizer, designer, and strategist. The result is that people are heard, feel included, and that all ideas are shared and considered. All to move confident decisions forward with greater impact.


Mark Breimhorst, Consultant

“Helping people discover their purpose and connect opportunity to their passions is my definition of success.”

Mark has 20 years of experience as an innovator and social entrepreneur. An alumnus of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, he earned an MBA with a focus on marketing and entrepreneurship. Previously he earned a MA in Education and a BA in Comparative Literature at Stanford. He founded and served as executive director of Rinconada Ventures, which helps finance early stage social entrepreneurs.

A systems thinker, Mark builds operational and financial structures that help you create value for your customers and build enduring profitable relationships. He is creative, resourceful, and determined bringing order to business so you can focus on your passion.